With a diverse team of professionals, we provide expert litigation support and forensic accounting services. We analyze complex accounting issues, provide expert testimony, assist with case strategies, and conduct fraud investigations, among other related services.

Litigation Support

We can provide litigation support throughout all phases of a dispute; we help even the most experienced litigators analyze complex accounting issues.

With our extensive experience conducting licensing and royalties audits we are often asked to provide expert testimony involving disputes between our clients and their business partners. We also prepare damage calculations, in addition to other related services involving licensing of intellectual property.

We have vast experience with funds established to resolve claims, which makes our team uniquely qualified to advise you throughout the process of evaluating and calculating damages, preparing for tax issues triggered by a settlement or judgment, and supporting receivers and bankruptcy trustees.

Our team of experts can assist with:

  • Case assessment
  • Strategy
  • Discovery
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Tax analysis


We provide support for a diverse range of areas, including:

  • Settlements and judgments
  • Estates and trusts
  • Class actions
  • Professional services firms
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Labor organizations
  • Receiverships and bankruptcies
  • Intellectual property holding companies
  • Licensor/licensee arrangements
Forensic Accounting

We conduct fraud and other forensic investigations to help organizations and individuals including public and private companies, fiduciaries, receivers, and bankruptcy trustees identify and protect assets, manage risks, and address vulnerabilities.

With a designated team of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), CPAs, and attorneys, we have extensive experience assisting clients with complex financial issues derived from misfeasance, malfeasance, fraud, theft, litigation, and contract disputes. We address these issues in matters involving insurance claims and royalty audits, among others.

Our experts understand that these are more than just financial issues, though; they pose risks to business officers, fiduciaries, investors, and creators – and they take an emotional toll, too. It’s this understanding of the personal, reputational, and business impacts that allows our clients to trust us as professional advisors.

Forensic Accounting Services:

  • Fraud detection
  • Accounting for losses
  • Examination of evidence in suspected fraud or financial mismanagement
  • Anti-corruption/Anti-fraud consulting
  • Investigation of whistleblower allegations
  • Managing responses to government regulators
  • Remediation
  • Asset identification


Certified Fraud Examiners

The Certified Fraud Examiner credential is awarded by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. CFEs have expertise in forensic methods and the law, understand how to analyze complex financial transactions, and can help resolve allegations of fraud.

We also provide non-fraud related analyses of large blocks of transactions to determine whether a control procedure is operating as management intended, and assist in the development of policies, procedures, and controls to reduce the risk of monetary loss.