Current clients can access the site for Market Revenue and X-Ray services here.

Growing your enterprise through strategic research and precise data.

Investments and strategy are best analyzed using precise data, not estimates.

Regularly conducting a competitive analysis within your market is essential to tracking your own performance and progress. For more than 35 years, Miller Kaplan has developed a reputation for aggregating and delivering precise data that can be relied upon to make informed business decisions.

We have developed an online platform and extended data collection and aggregation services to salary surveys, financial surveys, as well as licensee reporting – allowing Miller Kaplan to facilitate invoicing and subsequent royalty collection on behalf of licensors.

The opportunities for a CPA firm to blindly aggregate information from a diverse set of companies are endless. Whether you’re a company wanting to track your industry’s metrics or an association that would like to have analysis conducted across your membership base, we have both the tools and the development team to exceed your expectations.

Our web-based reporting portals are password-protected and provide a secure and confidential platform to input and view your data.

Industry Performance Platform

We have developed a series of proprietary web-based tools and reports to measure key metrics for your industry, including:

  • Aggregated market-/association-level information
  • Comparative growth
  • Share/Rank of revenue
  • Revenue, expense, and operating income reporting
  • Compensation data


For clients seeking more robust market intelligence and in-depth insights into their market standing, we offer X-RAY. 

X-RAY is a precise, blindly aggregated strategic planning tool, providing you with detailed information and analysis of competitive performance, historical performance, and in-market trends, all while keeping your data confidential. With more than 40 performance queries, you’ll have comprehensive and timely historical intelligence to make better informed decisions for your future. Some of the key information available includes:

  • Share of each advertiser’s expenditure
  • Historical advertiser expenditure trends
  • Performance tracking for key accounts
  • Agency expenditures by advertiser
  • Product category comparatives
  • Account executive performance
X-RAY ADvantage (for Prospecting)

To further the value of our X-RAY reports for radio industry clients, Miller Kaplan offers subscribers specific quarterly listings of 25 radio market advertisers with the greatest potential revenue benefit based on their target audience’s demographics. X-RAY ADvantage reports also include contact information for each advertiser and apply category-specific power ratios to suggest an appropriate proposal amount.